Auto Tinting


Why LLumar AT Charcoal?

  • Llumar is the largest window film manufacturer

  • Color stable film, does not change to purple

  • Manufacturer's limited life time warranty


  • Cuts 99% of harmfuk UV rays


  • Keeps your vehicle cooler and more comfortable

Reason to use Brookswood Tint


  • We use a computerlized film plotter instead of putting a blade on your windows


  • Well trained staff


  • 30 years experience in the tinting business


Paint Protection Film


Why use LLumar Paint P​rotection Film


  •  Extra protection from rock chips, road salt, bug acids   and minor scuffing damage


  •  Protect your car paint from chipping


  •  10 year warranty



Reason to use Brookswood Tint


  • ​ 3M Trained and Certified PPF installer


  •  Llumar Self Healing Paint Protection Film


  •  We use a computerized film plotter instead of putting a blade on your car




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